Sons Of Kingston – Episode 1 (Season 1)

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“Sons Of Kingston” is a Jamaican American Urban Drama tv-series inspired by the streets of Kingston Jamaica and New York City. “A quick hustle, turns into a hustle to stay alive” as Zink and Stunts greed for money leads them both down the path of destruction. Written and Directed by Jermaine “MiaMi” Johnson.


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  1. How do you get to watch a full Episodes

  2. zenobiachambers5000

    The 1st episode got me hooked! I looovvve it!😎💪

  3. Queenofattraction11216

    In enjoying it

  4. Fire!?

  5. Love the positive words given to the promoter to do something for himself!

  6. Ahhh that’s moment when u have to recap

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